In defence of Miley


Pop culture is a fickle thing.

‘It Girl’ status comes and goes with the click of a mouse. But take it for what it is (to most of us), a steaming pile best left on the sidewalk. It’s something for bored people to fixate on while standing in line at the grocery store. And yes Virginia, sex sells. You can argue it all you want – but facts is facts and dollars is dollars. If you did not buy it (or buy it for your kids) the format would change. You, sir, are enabling them. As the almighty dollar is chased, our ‘entertainment industry’ is being run by adults pimping out kids to get your CASH.

When someone like Miley Cyrus wants to leave her Hannah Montana image (one perfected to appeal to the masses – of children) behind (cause you know, that’s what she did when she was a child) what did you really expect her to do? There really is no doubt that she can sing and has talent, is it enough? In a world where we seem to be making people celebrities not so much based on talent but on how good their sex tape was – did we really give her a choice?

And those good people who talk about wanting her to be a role model to their kids? Why don’t you get off your ass and raise your kids yourself. Stop looking to the entertainment industry to give your kids things like morals and standards – that’s your job!

Does all this mean I approve of the twerking and acting out? Hells no! But I am not going to expect someone who is still very much a kid (she is all of 20) to know that what she is doing is not really respecting herself. Ask yourself, what were you doing at 20. Odds are it involved a six pack of beer and the back of your old man’s car. Hard to compare that to recording albums, performing on stage to thousands who want more of you than there is to give.

It is also interesting to note that while all the Miley twerking bashing was happening, not one word about the 36 your old man standing behind her.


The truth is she is no worse than Madonna, Cher or any other female entertainer that came before her who is trying to make their mark taking advantage of their God given talent. And hey, if you don’t like it – turn the channel, change the station, don’t buy the music and stop watching TMZ!